Puppy Prepping Your Home

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Before taking your sweet puppy home there are a few things we highly recommend you do. Below are ways you can ensure your home is ready for your new puppy.

Step 1 Clean

Disinfect your floors with bleach. See image below. You cannot use chlorox wipes or disinfectant, this will not kill parvo.  Why? Bleach is the only cleaning product that kills parvo. Parvo can be deadly and carried on our shoes. We highly recommend leaving your shoes at the door until your puppy is completely vaccinated at 16 weeks. It is CRUCIAL to clean your floors with bleach prior to your puppy coming home. When puppies are at our home they are in their puppy play pen and only go in designated areas. We have never had a case of parvo in the 10 years we’ve been breeding from following this strict protocol. Parvo can be fatal and is why you have to prep your home prior to puppy pick up. Many people wear their shoes in the house and this is a breeding ground for parvo. Until your puppy receives all of their shots (16 weeks approx.) it is important not to wear shoes during this time post bleaching your floors. Keep shoes away from puppies reach as well. If they chew on your shoes or lick them they can get parvo.

Step 2 Puppy Area Set-Up

Setting up a puppy play pen or exercise pen in your living or dining room will keep your puppy safe in his/her own area. This will also make potty training much easier when that time comes. DO NOT bring your puppy to go outside to potty until he/she is vaccinated with all shots. The reason is parvo lives on surfaces and in the ground for many years, up to 3 years!

In your puppy play pen, you can put wee wee pads (find below on our puppy checklist), a doggie bed, food and water dish and anything else to make your puppy feel at home. The play pen area is your pups safe zone. If you give your pup too much freedom in the house too soon, your puppy will feel overwhelmed and also they will be harder to potty train in the future.

Step 3 Puppy Checklist

Take a look at our puppy checklist. On this this you will find essential puppy care and necessities for your puppy.

Step 4 Schedule Vet Appointment

Next, scheduling a vet appointment for your puppy after pick up. We have recommendations for vets if you need one. During your puppies vet check, make sure the vet does a fecal exam and schedules the next puppy shots for you. Puppy shots are spaced out at 3 weeks for each shot. Your puppy will need to be dewormed again at the next puppy shot as well. Puppies need to be dewormed every 2 weeks until they are 16 weeks old. At 6 months old they need to be dewormed every 1-2 months and at 1 year every 3 months. When taking your puppy to the vet, DO NOT ALLOW THEM ON THE GROUND! Vet offices are breeding grounds for parvo, puppies can pick up parvo anywhere. Refrain from allowing anyone (strangers) to pet your puppy. Place a puppy pad down at the vet office on the examination table. Do not allow your puppy to lick anything. After visiting the vet, give your puppy a sudsy bath.

Step 5 Wash All Puppy Toys & Bedding

After purchasing new toys and bedding for your puppy, make sure you wash everything before your pup comes home, especially if you purchased anything from a pet store where things are more likely to be returned. These are all extra precautions against parvo but we like to take them to ensure your puppy will be safe and protected.

Step 6 Put Away All Poisonous Houseplants

There are certain houseplants that are considered poisonous to dogs, please be sure to check and make sure none you have in your home are poisonous.

And remember your puppy will be safe from parvo if you follow our steps. Do not take your puppy ANYWHERE, this includes friends houses, family houses, dog parks, pet stores, grocery stores, gas stations, etc. The only place your puppy should be until all of their shots is in your home that is properly cleaned with bleach and where they have a puppy playpen to feel safe and secure. We understand these are strict rules and you may want to show your puppy off. Please refrain as parvo is extremely dangerous and French Bulldog puppies are extremely susceptible to parvo. Parvo has a high chance of death. If you have another pet at home, do not take them in public places until your puppy has had all of their shots. Why? Your dog or cat can bring in parvo on their paws. Scary, right? Keep this in mind.