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Our Puppies Daily Routine at Dream Valley

Here at Dream Valley Frenchies, we are a full house…of frenchies. Many customers ask us when buying a puppy what his/her daily routine is so they can keep their puppy on a similar schedule. You don’t have to use our routine exactly but it will give you an idea of what we do and what your puppy is used to before going home. Another common question is…’Why is my frenchie puppy sleeping so much..’ yes this could be alarming at first but realize that this is completely normal and part of puppyhood. Puppies sleep A LOT, when we say a lot we are saying 15-19 hours of sleep a day…whew! That’s why it’s important to have your puppy in a safe spot where they can sleep with a comfy bed. Puppies are also growing at a rapid rate, they are gaining weight everyday. We free feed our puppies when they are going to make sure they are eating adequate amounts of food. If you’d rather not free feed, we recommend 3 solid meals a day to keep your puppy healthy, happy and growing like your puppy should be. Below is our schedule after weaning the pups when they are of age.

Here is our schedule in a nutshell:

8am– We wake up and clean up from any messes they made at night. Then we feed the puppies. We give them a big bowl of fresh water and their puppy food. We feed Taste of the Wild grain free. You can read more about what to buy for your puppy and our checklist before bringing him/her home.

10am-12pm- Puppy PLAYTIME! We give the puppies time to socialize with us and their other litter mates in our living room. We make sure to block off any way for them to get into the other rooms and they are supervised in the living room with lots of playtime with their toys. After playing for a few hours they are typically exhausted and ready for a nap.

12pm– The puppies take a nap around this time and they all snuggle with each other. It’s a big frenchie snuggle party and the cutest thing!

1pm-2pm- Lunchtime! This is the frenchies lunch time where we do similar clean ups from the am except this time it’s for lunch. We clean up their playpen area, put down new puppy pads (wee wee pads) and they give them fresh water and food.

2pm-5pm- Remember how earlier we said frenchie puppies need a lot of sleep? Can you guess what happens during these hours…sleep! The frenchies are typically exhausted after a big lunch and the playtime from earlier still so they sleep it off. There might be one or two frenchie pups who still want to play but once they realize their litter mates are all snuggled up, they will follow and soon there will be a giant frenchie cuddle puddle.

5pm-6pm- During this time we prepare the frenchie pups for dinner. They typically worked up an appetite after playing earlier in the day and all of their naps. They are ready for a big dinner and more fresh water.

6pm-8pm- After dinner we spend time with them individually before letting all of the frenchie pups out at once. This gives us time to spend one-on-one time, watch tv (frenchies like watching tv) and getting to know their little personalities better. During this time we will take photos for our customers to send updates. We send updates every other week and this is a great time for us to send pics and updates to future frenchie customers.

8pm-10pm- During this time all the frenchies come out into the living room and usually super excited to play with all their litter mates and with their stuffed animal toys and squeaky toys. They are the most energetic during this time and have lots of fun before bed.

10pm– Frenchie bedtime! It’s time for the puppies to go to sleep. We will sometimes play lullaby music or classical music in their room before bedtime. They sleep in a big puppy playpen with their other litter mates. We don’t keep toys in their cage as this can be dangerous if left overnight without supervision.

Night check ins- we do check in once or twice throughout the night to make sure they are sleeping. By 5-6 weeks they do a pretty good job at sleeping through the night alone. Keep in mind adult frenchies also sleep a lot, not as much as pups but they do have long sleeping schedules, you can expect your frenchie to sleep 10+ hours a day. They like their sleep and are big dreamers!

You can expect your puppy to poop anywhere from 4-8+ times a day. This may seem like a lot but puppies poop after eating their meals and usually have a few poops at night when they wake up. This is because unlike adult dogs they are unable to hold it through the night. We use wee wee pads for puppy training until puppies are of age to go outside. Puppies can go outside at 16 weeks age and/or after they’ve had their 4 series of puppy shots.