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Frenchie Sires

Our Frenchie daddies have excellent pedigrees, health confirmations, are intelligent and docile. Color types are not our first priority for breeding! We retire our males after 5 to 7 years. They are health tested before age 2. If they have any genetic defect such as poor coat, unhealthy heart, lungs or breathing we will place them in a family home from our waiting list. At times the male stud may have low count for fertility or their not up to the AKC standard for the French bulldog male, we will also find pet home only placement.

Below, you can meet our Frenchie daddies! They are all amazing with the newborn puppies and are just so adorable!

Mr. Boo

Mr Boo is an awesome French Bull dog stud with perfect confirmation, short legs, square head, and more than anything the best attitude. Confident with a touch of superior mindset.

He comes from 4 of the highest quality lines in the USA, Bullistik, Czar, Northern Bullies, and Shrinkables. This combination has produced such a high quality French Bulldog Male.

His mom is our Dawn and his sire is Benz.

His coat is as perfect as you can get, he has the perfect head, underbite, sized muscle tone. NO fat just muscle.


Scarpone is the funny guy stud, he loves playing soccer, he likes playing with a tennis ball too. Fetch is his nickname. His mom is our Snowflake and sire is Gambler.

He is a silver platinum male, we have not started producing from him yet because we want to make sure we have the right female match for him first.

He is muscular, rare looking in color and fabulous attitude.


Bully is an outside stud we use as he is absolutely beautiful and the perfect Frenchie! He has great markings and a very playful little guy. When he isn’t playing frisbee in the yard or hanging out with his girlfriends, you can find him modeling for chewy.com.

Frenchie Dams

Below, you can meet our Frenchie mommies! Each one is an absolute sweetheart and very loving! This is a main attribute all our girls possess. Gentle, well behaved, likes children and other animals.


Fendi is a black and tan, gorgeous female. She likes cuddles, affection and wants to be around people all the time. She is the first one to want to go on a walk, take a bath or sit for a treat.

Square, large head, muscular and the best part of her looks is the beautiful shiny coat. Her parents are Gambler and Mercy.

Very smart girl and gets along great with the other girls.


Ms.Beatrice is a solid black female girl who is loving, beautiful shiny coat carries chocolate and blue. She is a trained service dog. Her service training has been with children with special needs, Wonderful and docile enough to calm children to learn.

Beanie Baby

Beanie is a red fawn with pied markings on her under belly and paw. She is playful, energetic and loves people. Miss Beanie is more of an outdoorsy girl and likes to play fetch in the yard with her toys, dig holes and chase birds. She is curious about everything and everyone! She has a great wrinkly face and shiny coat. Some of her favorite treats are peanut butter, bananas and peaches.


Nancy is a sweet girl who loves people and shopping. She enjoys the finer things in life. You could say she is a fancy girl! She does well with children, our other pets and has a soft spot for belly rubs. Some of her favorite treats are frozen blueberries and peanut butter. We like to spoil her with lots of treats, belly rubs and weekly baths. She enjoys getting sudsy in the bathtub (she is kinda a diva).

Previous Litters

Pics below were sent to us by previous litters families. We love hearing from puppies in past litters. If you would like to see more pics check out our instagram page or reviews from past litters!