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Finding Your Lost Dog

When your goes missing, it can be a hole in your stomach, a pit of doom and thinking the worst possible outcome. There are many ways our precious pets can go missing. Maybe they ran away on a leash, they weren’t on a leash at the park or worst scenario: stolen from your yard or car. There are many ways in which your dog can go missing and finding your lost dog can be difficult. Putting up flyers in your neighborhood, posting ads on Facebook and spreading the word to family and friends. These can work for some but often times many pets remain missing. More than 10 million pets go missing each year. If your dog does go missing, a dog GPS tracker can help you find your dog quickly.

Why You Need a GPS Dog Collar

If your dog is a master at escape or doesn’t understand the leash yet, you can be an overprotective dog parent (and for good reason). Using a GPS dog collar is the best way to keep track of your dog at all times and give you peace of mind, clarity and a less worrisome life. Thinking about if our best friend, precious dog is safe and sound is a top priority for you as a dog owner. There are many dog trackers out there but only one that we highly recommend.

Best GPS Dog Collar

Our recommendation when purchasing a GPS dog collar is the Whistle Switch dog collar. It has features unlike any other and you can be assured your dog is safe and sound at all times. Not only can you monitor your dog’s location but other features such as health, fitness and more.


Why we like it:

  • Always on and tracking your dog’s location
  • Receive text alerts via your phone or Whistle app
  • Waterproof collar
  • Alerts you when your dog is over-itching, licking, drinking or sleeping
  • Set reminders for vet visits and check-ups
  • Free tele-vet: chat, video or email

With this awesome collar, you can be assured that your dog is happy, healthy and safe. This device is perfect for everyday at home and when you’re away from your dog, whether that is during work or on vacation. You will always know where your dog is and the status of your dog. If you have a long trip planned, what better way to know how your pet is doing and where they are at all times? It will give you peace of mind and worry less about your dog when you’re away. It can also be used for walks around the park, if your dog gets off their leash and runs away, knowing exactly where your dog went only using your phone is simple, easy and effective. We highly recommend this dog collar.

Get your dog collar today and keep your pet safe! 

What the GPS tracks:

  • Get alerts if your dog escaped
  • Notification when your dog walker takes your dog on a walk
  • Know your dog’s location anywhere in North America
  • Track their movements every 15 seconds

It can also help you detect your pet’s health with features such as:

  • More scratching can mean allergies. It can detect allergies, irritation or infection (based off excessive scratching).
  • Increased drinking can show signs of kidney issues or diabetes
  • Sleep disruptions and disturbances

It also has fitness features where you can watch:

  • Your pet’s exercise
  • Distance traveled and minutes active
  • How much food they are eating

Get your dog collar today!