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French Bulldog Ramps & Why You Should Get One

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French bulldogs are 1 of 13 dog breeds that are predisposed to IVDD (intervertebral disc disease). Any French Bulldog can get this disease and there are ways to prevent it early on.

How to prevent IVDD:

  1. Minimize having your Frenchie jump on and off furniture. This includes beds, couches and playing rough or over exercising. We highly recommend the ramp. You can put the ramp near your bed or couch. Frenchies should NOT jump up or down off your bed or couch, this could severely injure your dog and cause a life threatening condition called IVDD or future hip problems.
  2. Use a harness when taking your Frenchie on walks. French bulldogs have larger heads and a harness will prevent you from pulling too hard on their sensitive necks. A harness is perfect for their body shape and can prevent IVDD.
  3. Keep your dog’s weight down. If your dog is overweight, this will add extra weight to their sensitive spine and in turn potentially harm their backs/spines.
  4. Have pet insurance. We highly recommended having pet insurance for your French Bulldog! Just like us humans need health insurance, your beloved Frenchie should have the same. If your Frenchie ever suffered from IVDD, they would need surgery to fix the issue and that can be costly.

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