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What to Buy Before Bringing Home Your French Bulldog Puppy

When shopping for your new puppy you may be wondering what you should buy. We came up with a list of our personal favorites and favorites of past frenchie buyers too. If you need more advice besides what’s on our list, reach out anytime! We cover your basis from the fun stuff to practical stuff. Enjoy our list!

Disclosure: There may be affiliate links below and we may receive commissions for links in this post, but these are products we highly recommend.

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French Bulldog Puppy Shopping List

We highly recommend these products before picking up your puppy. These are French Bulldog essentials and we carefully curated a list for new Frenchie owners on what to buy for their puppy. Having everything ready to go before your puppy comes home will also make it easier and less stressful.

1.) Purina Pro Plan Puppy

We feed our puppies Pro Plan. There are many nutrients in Pro Plan that our puppies enjoy. The chicken flavor is typically what we feed, there are other options like lamb depending on your preferences.


2.) Purina Pro Plan Wet Puppy Food

When transitioning out of dry food, mixing some wet food during the transition stimulates appetite. We recommend adding Pro Plan wet to your puppies dry food and every week decreasing the amount.


3.) Comfortable Dog Bed 

A comfortable dog bed is a must for frenchies. They need a soft place to rest and are truly creatures of comfort. Giving them a nice bed allows their joints and hips to softly rest and creates a safe spot for them in the home. Having a few beds around your house is also a good option!


4.) Dog Bowls

There are many dog bowl options out there! We like these elevated! Glass or steel are both good options. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


5.) Travel Dog Bowl

A small travel collapsible dog bowl is a must! You can put it on your keychain, backpack, purse or carrier with the easy to latch clip. It collapses and makes it convenient to take to the park, road trips and on walks.


6.) Harness & Leash

Frenchies shouldn’t wear collars. It hurts their necks because of the way their bodies are proportioned. A harness is easier on their necks and bodies. A Frenchie should always wear a harness and not a collar! Collars are cute but not functional/practical for everyday walks. Harnesses also reduce the risk of IVDD. When pulling on a collar, you can actually hurt the spine of your Frenchie if tugged the wrong direction.


7.) Dog Crate With Pull-Out Tray

There are many options when buying a dog crate. One thing we like about this one is you can move it to different rooms with the wheel functionality of it. It also has an easy to clean tray inside for any accidents, especially when potty training!


8.) Puppy Playpen 

When bringing your puppy home we suggest having a playpen to put in a designated room. We like playpens for a few reasons, the first is it makes it easier to potty train when you start taking your puppy outside. Puppies shouldn’t go outside on the ground until they receive all 3 of their puppy shots. Having a playpen will make for easier clean-up and potty training later on. Puppies also like small spaces and can be overwhelmed at first by too large of a space. Keeping them in their safe spot will reduce anxiety. In the playpen, having a food/water dish, puppy pads and a bed will bring them comfort.


9.) Puppy Training Pads

Puppies in training aren’t able to go outside to potty until all 3 of their puppy shots. Having puppy pads on hand during this period will be helpful for training. When you start taking your puppy outside to potty, slowly transitioning away from the pads makes potty training much easier.


10.) French Bulldog Ramp

Dog Ramps are VERY important for Frenchies. You can put one near your bed, couch or any other place where you don’t want your Frenchie to jump. French Bulldogs are susceptible to IVDD, they are 1/13 dog breeds that can be affected. Usually this happens later in life. There are preventative measures like a ramp to keep them from slipping a disc in their back. Ramps is one of those measures.