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All of Your Frenchie Questions Answered

If you have a question that isn’t listed, please contact us!

How can I reserve a Frenchie puppy?

If you see a puppy that you want to reserve or you want to be added to our future litters waitlist, the first step is filling out a puppy application and sending a $500 deposit to hold your puppy. After we receive your application we will call you for a phone interview. Once we receive both your application and $500 deposit your puppy is marked as ‘reserved’ on our site. If we have an upcoming litter, you will be added to our waitlist with first choices of puppies in the order your deposit was received.

Can I arrange to meet in person or meet my French Bulldog puppy before pick-up?

We are asked this question often and unfortunately due to health standards and parvo we are unable to allow any visitors. Clients and future puppy owners are not permitted to visit. However, we do our best to send pictures frequently to keep you up to date on your puppies progress and growth.

How often will I receive photos of my Frenchie?

After reserving your puppy, we will send weekly updates. Typically we send on weekends.

Are our frenchie puppies AKC registered?

Yes all of our puppies are AKC limited (pet registration) this means that they meet AKC standards of French bulldogs. We sell our puppies as pet only and do not offer full registration at this time.

Do I need to spay or neuter my French bulldog puppy?

Yes, we require you to spay or neuter your puppy within 1 year of purchasing. This is also stated in our puppy contract.

I live out of state, can I purchase a Frenchie puppy?

Yes, we have a flight nanny that we can make arrangements with. Your nanny will fly with your puppy on their lap until reaching your destination. If you will need puppy nanny services, let us know in advance to make arrangements. The cost of this service is $400 & up depending on your location.

You can also fly in to pick-up your puppy or drive, whichever is convenient for you.

Will my French bulldog puppy be up-to-date on immunizations?

Absolutely!  Your puppy will have their shots current.

What do I need to buy my French bulldog puppy before coming home?

Frenchies love being spoiled. We have a basic list of our personal recommendations. Feel free to add to our list.

  • Puppy food, we highly recommend Taste of the Wild, Puppy Bison flavored
  • Wet food cans, we like Blue Buffalo puppy
  • Puppy toys
  • Blanket
  • Pillows
  • Ear cleaner
  • Crate
  • Wee Wee pads
  • Puppy playpen
  • Skincare products (we like oatmeal baths)
  • Treats
  • Harness
  • Leash

Will I receive a contract agreement?

Yes, we provide a contract agreement listing the health guarantee of your puppy and a spay/neuter contract. You will receive a 1 year health guarantee.

How much are deposits?

To hold your puppy, we require a $500 non-refundable deposit. You can pay your deposit via Zelle, Venmo, Cash App or cashiers check. Deposits are non refundable but transferable to future litters.

How much is due at pick up or delivery?

Our puppy prices start at $3800 and can range up to $8,000+ depending on rarity of color. Your $500 deposit will go toward your puppies final cost.

Why are French Bulldogs expensive?

French bulldogs are an expensive breed of dog. At Dream Valley Frenchies we take pride in having the best quality Frenchies with excellent health records. We feed our dogs top quality, holistic and grain free diet with supplements. We breed for confirmation, quality and temperament. All of our dogs have been health tested and when we match a pair to breed we make sure they are the best combination, giving you the best frenchie. When you purchase a French bulldog from us you can have the peace of mind that you’re getting the best of the best.

The other reason why French bulldogs are expensive also has to do with how they are bred. Unlike other breeds, French bulldogs require artificial insimination, due to their hips they are unable to breed naturally. They also require a c-section because of their large heads. Females tend to have smaller litters ranging from 1-5 in a litter. After the puppies are born, French bulldog females need to be watched with her puppies around the clock. Every 2-3 hours puppies need changed and fed. We also monitor to make sure the mom isn’t sitting on her puppies. This is very time consuming and unlike other dog breeds. When you take this among vet bills, puppy health check ups, vaccinations and round the clock monitoring, you could see why French bulldogs are a more expensive breed.

How much are our French Bulldog puppies?

Our puppies start at $3800 and go up from there. Puppies are priced based on their genetics, color and conformation. We do carry rare colors such as black and tans, blue and tans, solid blues and lilacs. If you’re interested in rare color prices start at $6000.

Do we give full AKC, breeding rights?

At this time, no. We do not sell our dogs to breeders. If you’re interested in breeding, we require a mentoring program. We are not offering mentoring at this time. Please contact us for more information.