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All About Blue French Bulldogs & Our Blue French Bulldog Line

The adorable sought after blues is one of our most popular color choices and I’m sure you can see why! Blues come in a variety of shades including blue fawn, dark blue, light blue, blue pied, blue and tan, blue sable, blue merle and blue brindle. We have high standards in our breeding program and when breeding blues we make sure to selectively breed the best of the best to ensure healthy, quality pups. When choosing males and females to breed, we match the best genes to produce top quality dogs.

Why are blues so expensive? Blues and french bulldogs in general are expensive, we go into more detail on this on our FAQ page as well. Blues are considered a rare frenchie and a more exotic color, to get a true blue it takes certain lines and colors to be bred together, the blue carries a rare gene (d) that changes their coat color from black to gray or what we call ‘blue’. We have been breeding for over 10 years and its taken several years to be at where we are today. One of our main goals is to have the best frenchies in the US by ensuring top quality dogs and good health. When you see other breeders have cheap dogs typically any frenchie under $2500, they are breeding for quantity and not quality. These are the types you want to steer clear of, backyard breeders who do not care about the health and quality of their line, they are simply mass producing pups and selling them for cheap rates. With our dogs you are purchasing from a reputable breeder with a decade of experience and will give you lifelong support. We care about our pups and customers and when you purchase a dog from us you are part of the Dream Valley Frenchie family. We encourage our customers to keep in contact with us, send us pictures, emails or follow us on instagram @dreamvalleyfrenchies.

How long have you had your blue french bulldog line? We’ve had blue frenchies for years now and started our french bulldog line over a decade ago. We are a family run business with a passion for frenchies. After french bulldogs entered our lives in 2009, we haven’t been able to have another type of dog since. They are truly the best! If you haven’t yet experienced the joy a frenchie brings, it’s a real blessing that we love sharing with the world! The blue line isn’t just in frenchies though, many other dog breeds carry the dilute blue gene.

Why aren’t blue frenchies accepted in AKC standard? Blue frenchies in America aren’t accepted (yet) in the American Kennel Club (AKC) they aren’t the only color not accepted. Colors such as blue and tan, black and tan and other variations of blues aren’t accepted yet either. We are still waiting on this to become accepted but this simply isn’t the case as of now. Although all of our french bulldogs puppies for sale at Dream Valley Frenchies are AKC registered, you won’t be able to show the exotic colors like blues. If showing isn’t a concern for you, blue french bulldogs are a great choice. Blue frenchies are accepted in the European standard just not in USA.

Will my puppies eyes stay blue? This is a common question and a great question to ask! When you bring home your blue frenchie you will probably be taken away by their striking blue eyes. It’s true that blue frenchies are born with blue eyes and some stay this way but not this isn’t a guarantee. We find that some do and some don’t so cannot guarantee what color they will as adults. Sometimes their eyes will change to green, hazel or a light brown color and other times they will stay blue.