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Blue French Bulldogs

We have blue frenchies for sale throughout the year. Blues have become increasingly popular over the years. They have a rare color coat and sometimes even have blue eyes as puppies! We find their coats beautiful as they come in a variety of shades. If you’re curious to learn more about colors of Frenchies, check out our French Bulldog colors. Every Frenchie is unique from color of their coat to personality. we find our blue line all have sweet temperaments, gentle and extremely soft. You can find different colors of blues from blue brindle, blue and tan, solid blue, blue pied, blue fawn and blue brindled pied. The blue brindle and blue fawn have recently became very popular! They make beautiful puppies.

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Blue Frenchies For Sale Near Me

We have blue frenchies for sale throughout the year. If you check out our available page, you can see if we have any currently available or you can join our waitlist for when we do have a new litter. We often have families put a deposit for a future blue puppy. If we don’t have any current blues, wait time is 3-8 months for a blue puppy. Sometimes less or more time. We ship to all states for a small shipping fee or you’re welcome to meet us at the airport. We meet at Dallas or Austin airport, whichever is convenient for you! Find your forever blue frenchie, they will be sure to steal your heart!

Where to Find Blue French Bulldogs

Finding a quality Frenchie can be difficult. Many breeders only breed for color and the puppies and Frenchies don’t meet the breed standard. When looking for a blue Frenchie, you want to ensure you’re getting the best. We breed for quality, not quantity and although we have some amazing colors throughout the year, our top priority is breeding for quality, health, temperament then color. The different color varieties are just a bonus for us because we get to offer different colors to buyers as everyone has their preferences.

Blue French Bulldog For Sale

If you’re looking for your forever blue frenchie, give us a call or fill out a puppy application! We will contact you within 24 hours of your application. We can’t wait to make your blue Frenchie dreams come true!

Quality Blue French Bulldogs

We have the best lines of French bulldogs, if you see from our past litters we have amazing puppies! We also have very gentle, loving dogs. When finding the right breeder, remember that temperament is just as important.

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