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Our Guide: New Puppy Checklist

Your Ultimate New Puppy Checklist

If you recently adopted a French bulldog or considering adopting a puppy, use our ultimate guide to prepare you for the best transition. From toys to our favorite food, we got you covered!

  1. A puppy crate– you want your puppy to feel at home with a good sized crate that he can grow into. You can use a crate divider so you don’t have to buy multiple crates for as he or she grows. Make sure to put a puppy blanket or pillow and he or she will feel right at home
  2. Blankets and dog bed– just like a newborn baby, puppies like their blankie as a form of security. You can hold them in their blanket, put it in their cage or lay it on their dog bed.
  3. Ear cleaner– Did you know that puppies need their ears cleaned at least once per week? Make sure your puppy ears are cleaned to prevent ear infections.
  4. Puppy food– your puppy needs a good balanced diet and we suggest a holistic, natural pet brand. Our favorite brand we recommend is PawTree.
  5. Nail clippers– unless you plan on having your puppy groomed professionally (after all of their immunizations) we recommend having a nice pair of nail clippers.
  6. Puppy pads– since your puppy won’t be able to go in the grass until after all of their shots, we train our puppies on puppy pads prior to 16 weeks and starting at 5 weeks.
  7. Toys– your puppy will want to play with lots of toys! You can never have enough puppy toys.
  8. Leash and harness– we recommend getting a harness over a collar, it is less harmful since it doesn’t pull on your puppies neck during training.
  9. Food and water dish– we recommend getting an easy to clean glass or metal water and food dish for your puppy.
  10. Playpen– puppies will enjoy a playpen to run around. A playpen will also save you clean up time for accidents since your puppy will be in a confined area.
  11. Pet carpet cleaner– if you have carpet, this is a must for any unwanted accidents during your puppy’s training period.
  12. Nuvet supplements– we recommend these supplements as a multivitamin for your puppy. They will keep your puppy healthy and happy.
  13. Cooling pet bed– if you live in a hot climate, we recommend getting a cooling pet bed to keep your puppy’s temperature cool during the warm months.

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