Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Frenchie

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Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Frenchie

Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Frenchie

Costumes for Your Frenchies Can Be a Whole Lot of Fun!

We all want our Frenchies to have fun and be happy dogs. So what’s a great way to ensure this Halloween they’ll be able to express themselves and dress up with the rest of us? Halloween costumes! Below are some great ideas to dress up your Frenchie in a fun, festive costume; perfect for their smaller frame and size. Read on to learn more about these costumes and feel free to click through to be taken directly to the site to purchase them for your furry friend!

A Plump Pumpkin

Everyone knows the iconic pumpkin is the quintessential symbol of Halloween. Why not dress up your Frenchie as a cute, plump pumpkin to best accentuate their rolls of fuzzy fur? 🙂

A Witch Riding a Broom

If you’re Frenchie is feeling a little bit sassy, why not dress them up as a witch riding a broom? This way, they can fly past you to treat bowl and sneak some tasty snacks when you’re not looking. 😉

A Turkey On Their Head

This costume exemplifies your frenchie’s love of turkey, and all things meaty and delicious. Give them the chance to showcase their fine taste in culinary delights with this adorable turkey head costume.

A Fancy Frenchie (Monocle & Top Hat)

Everyone wants to be fancy from time to time, even Frenchies! Let your Frenchie shine with luxury with their newly acquired tophat and monocle. Their fanciness will surely permeate throughout a room and make the whole evening one to remember.

A Frenchie Burger

Frenchies always seem to want to eat the burgers off of our plate when we’re having them for dinner. Let them be one one of their most desired meals for a day and watch them gleefully smile with joy if they catch a glimpse of themselves decked out in their new burger costume.

A Frenchie Hotdog

Frenchies fit into hotdog costumes quite well. After all, they are a dog and they do know how to cut the mustard quite well, right? In that case, let’s celebrate another one of their favorite delicacies, the hot dog, and have them scooting around dressed to impress this Halloween!

A Frenchie Dinosaur

Frenchies and dinosaurs have no relation whatsoever (as far as we know), yet when a Frenchie enters the room, they sure gather attention in a similar fashion. Everyone loves Frenchies. When you place a Frenchie in a cute dinosaur costume, you’ll have a winning combination you can count on being a hit for Halloween!

Wishing You a Happy Halloween!

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