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Frenchie Nose Balm

A dry nose can be uncomfortable for your Frenchie. We have the best frenchie nose balm options for your French Bulldog.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

Why You Need Frenchie Nose Balm

Every Frenchie gets a dry nose. It happens! French Bulldog noses are especially pushed in and dry air can cause their sensitive noses to get dry. A dry nose is normal and easily fixed with the perfect solution.

Our favorite choice for a nose butter is an all-natural ingredient list for your beloved Frenchie. We likes this one because it’s soothing and really works! When you notice your Frenchie nose cracking it’s time to get nose butter. The creamy glide can really help your Frenchie with a smoother nose. Frenchies get uncomfortable when they have a “chapped” nose. The nose balm can give them instant relief.


Is It Safe To Use?

Balm for your Frenchie is extremely safe! The all-natural ingredient list in this balm won’t hurt your Frenchie, The equivalent is a chapstick for humans. Your Frenchie will appreciate the gesture of having a soothing nose that is no longer itchy and uncomfortable.

How Often Should I Use This On My Frenchie?

You should use Frenchie nose balm as much as you think is necessary. There isn’t a time frame that is right or wrong. Some dogs have dryer noses than others. We tend to see French Bulldogs noses get dryer in the winter months. If you see that your French Bulldog has a dry nose, you can apply and reapply generously. The balm is good for trips as well as it can provide relief for your Frenchie. In the winter months it can be beneficial to use. Summer months it can act as a soothing protector against the heat. Make sure to keep your Frenchies cool in the summer months!


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