Do French Bulldogs Shed?

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Do French Bulldogs Shed?

A Commonly Asked Question: Do French Bulldogs Shed?

French Bulldogs being cousins to English Bulldogs and Boston Terriers have tendencies like any other breed to shed. French Bulldogs do shed but the good news is, not as much as other dogs since their hair is shorter and they tend to shed less than other breeds. The color of your French Bulldog may determine how noticeable it is. For instance, if you have white or cream colored Frenchie then it may be more noticeable compared to a darker colored Frenchie. As far as amount of shedding, all color Frenchies shed equally as much.

When cleaning up pet hair, Frenchies shed much less, making clean up much easier than dogs with longer fur.
Since French Bulldogs lack a thick coat compared to dogs that are used to harsher climate, shedding is less noticeable and won’t require any seasonal blowouts or seasonal shedding issues.

Are French bulldogs Hypoallergenic?

Yes, French Bulldogs have excellent, shiny coats which are great for those who tend to suffer from allergies. The French Bulldog style of hair is that which is perfectly suitable even for those who are often affected by common dog allergens. Breathe easier with a Frenchie in your household and have the benefits of knowing you’ll be able to cuddle your new, fuzzy friend whenever your heart desires.

Do Frenchies shed more than pugs?

If you’re torn between a Frenchie and a pug to add to your family, you may wonder which breeds sheds less. Although both breeds require little grooming maintenance, Pugs shed much more than Frenchies and require more clean up. Pugs also require more grooming overall.

Do French bulldog puppies shed more than adult dogs?

The simple answer is yes. Your puppy is growing and adjusting to its body and sheds more. Adult dogs require less grooming than puppies.

Can you stop your French bulldog from shedding?

Unfortunately you can’t stop any dog from shedding but you can limit their shedding with the right shampoos. We recommend an oatmeal bath since frenchies have sensitive skin and adding salmon oil to your dogs diet. The salmon oil will help with excessive shedding, allergies and a smoother coat.

Will a dog harness prevent shedding?

If your bulldogs tend to scratch their eyes and heads it is best to switch them from a collar to a harness. We like harnesses over collars for french bulldogs anyway since their heads are large and find collars don’t work as well. Switching from a collar to a harness is another option.

What is the best brush to use to prevent excessive shedding?

Using the right brush is important to reduce shedding. We like fine toothed brushes for dogs with shorter hair, like the French Bulldog.

Other reasons your French bulldog may be shedding

If you find your French bulldog is shedding more than normal it might be a good idea to take your dog to the vet to get examined for any underlying health issues. In the meantime, these are the potential factors that may cause excessive shedding.

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