4 Cute, Yet Practical Clothes Your Frenchie Will Love

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4 Cute, Yet Practical Clothes Your Frenchie Will Love

Clothes for French Bulldogs: Our Guide

We’ve all seen how adorable dogs look in a little doggy get-up. We “awe’ and “ahh” over just how sweet they are. It isn’t every day, after all, that we see a terrier in a hat or a chihuahua in a coat! 

But while some of the clothes dogs wear are just for fun, there are some clothing items that play an important practical role. From helping protect your dog from rain, shine, and everything in between, some dog clothes are well worth getting. Below, we’ve featured 4 items with great design you’ll want to get your hands on. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they’ll make your dog look oh-so-cute, too!

1. Raincoat

We can all agree that getting rained on is no fun. So just think of your poor dog, who doesn’t have the luxury of an umbrella to protect them. While getting rained on time to time won’t be a problem, your dog could potentially get sick if they become too drenched or cold. This is a particularly daunting concern if your dog is already under the weather. It’s also something critical to keep in mind if you have a puppy or a dog in its later years of life.

There’s a solution, however – a doggie raincoat! This fantastic invention that means your dog can enjoy the outdoors even when it’s pouring. Raincoats for dogs come in all assortment of sizes and fits, so make sure to get one that suits your dog’s build to a tee. Needless to say, you’ll need to get one that offers waterproofing and that won’t weigh your dog down.

2. Hats for Frenchies

It doesn’t get much cuter than a pint-sized hat for your dog. Just the thought of a pooch in one is enough to melt the heart of any dog owner. However, hats aren’t just an adorable accessory you put on for show. They actually serve an important practical purpose which makes them a must-have clothing item.

As Richard Rowlands points out in his round-up of the best dog hats on the market, dog hats protect your pooch “against extreme weather conditions such as harsh sunlight and freezing temperatures.” When you think about it, it makes sense. After all, dogs can’t just prop up their paw to shield themselves from sunlight, or easily shield their head and face from freezing winds or even snow. Popping a hat on your dog is the easiest way to ensure your dog stays protected from the elements.

3. French Bulldog Winter Coat

Speaking of protecting your dog from the elements, this piece of dog clothing is ideal for when the weather takes a cold turn. A winter coat is a fantastic addition to any dog wardrobe because it will ensure your dog stays warm and snug even in the dead of winter.

You will need to look for a coat that suits the weather conditions of your home or holiday destination. What we mean by this is that if it doesn’t get too cold where you’re located, a lighter coat will be perfectly fine. Whereas if you’re in an area that snows, a high-performance jacket or heavy-duty winter coat will be ideal. Always read the label so you know exactly what features each coat boasts. Doing so will ensure you find the ideal coat for your four-legged friend.

4. Boots for Your Frenchie

Dog boots often get lumped into the ‘cute but unnecessary’ category when it comes to dog clothing. This is a shame because depending on the situation, they can be incredibly handy! As Melissa L. Kauffman’s highlights in her article for Dogster, sometimes your dog’s own paw pads don’t cut it.

“Dog paw pads are not magical—they aren’t non-destructible barriers between the dog’s foot and the world,” she says. “The outside is only protected by leathery thick skin, with a shock-absorbing fatty inner layer. This doesn’t stop paws from getting irritated, burned or cut.” This is why dog boots are the answer. They can protect your dog’s paws from such things as mud, ice, snow, and hot pavement. Give them a go today to see for yourself just how useful they can be!

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