Beware of French Bulldog Scams

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Beware of French Bulldog Scams

With the rise of French Bulldog popularity since they are the best dog ever (ok maybe we are bias but hope you can agree), scammers are getting more clever and scams are more prevalent now then ever. After maybe previous clients discussing their encounters with scammers, we wrote this handy guide for you to avoid and be on the lookout for scammers. It’s important if you come across a scam to report to your local authorities.

How to Avoid a French Bulldog Scam

  1. Price is too good to be true. Frenchies are expensive dogs and the cost is higher with more quality dogs. A Frenchie on the low end starts at $2,500 and can go up to $10,000+ So if you see an ad someplace where a Frenchie is $500, this is a red flag to stay away.
  2. “Toy” in the name. It’s true that Frenchies come in different sizes, ranging from 15lbs to 28lbs. Depending on the parents their size will range and anything too small or too big could lead to a scam. There is a big difference between a “toy” frenchie and a smaller Frenchie. Beware when a seller has “toy or teacup Frenchie” in the ad.
  3. Wire Transfers and Insurance Fees. If a seller starts discussing wiring them money in anyway, this is a big red flag, stay away.
  4. Unable to Call Them. If a breeder isn’t able to discuss with you over the phone or has a Google voice number, this is a good indication it’s a scam. A good breeder wants to get to know you and ask questions. They also are open (and knowledgeable) to answer any questions you may have.
  5. Bad Websites. If a website is poorly done, this could be an indication of a scam. Also, you can do a reverse image search on google to see where the original source on the photo is from.

If you do encounter or have encountered a scam in the past, please report it to your authorities.

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