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Products and Dog Food We Highly Recommend for Your French Bulldog

We frequently are asked about products we recommend. You can find all the products you’ll need and the best food for your French bulldog with PawTree pet brand. They are a holistic brand and all of their products are naturally derived. We also like their dog food for Frenchies since it’s grain free, high in protein and Frenchies love it!

Dog Food & Other Frenchie Products

Our favorite dog food brand and pet company that we use and highly recommend is PawTree. Frenchies need a high protein, grain free diet and PawTree dog food is perfect for the Frenchie diet, they also offer an auto ship which is convenient for us when buying dog food.

Our Favorite PawTree Products

  • PawTree Ear Cleaner (your frenchie needs their ears cleaned 1x per week, we like the holistic blend of this product)
  • PawTree Dog and Puppy Food (you can customize your dog food or get the puppy brand, we like them all)
  • PawTree Seasonings (we sprinkle this on our frenchies dog food for a boost of nutrition since its packed with vitamins and then add water to make a tasty and healthy dish for our frenchies)
  • PawTree’s Dog Shampoo (smells great and helps their skin stay shiny)

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