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Do French Bulldogs Shed?

A Commonly Asked Question: Do French Bulldogs Shed? French Bulldogs being cousins to English Bulldogs and Boston Terriers have tendencies like any other breed to shed. French Bulldogs do shed but the good news is, not as much as other dogs since their hair is shorter and they tend to shed less than other breeds.Read More

Why Frenchies are Great Dogs for Emotional Support

French Bulldogs: A Loving, Caring Pet French Bulldogs are great pets for emotional support for many reasons. Between their ever-happy disposition, their cute smiles full of joy, their waddling to the door when they know your home; it all combines to form a perfect pet for those with anxiety, depression, stress, or emotional trauma. OurRead More

How are French Bulldogs with Kids?

Are French Bulldogs Good with Kids? French Bulldogs are one of the best breeds for a household with children. Frenchies have a very even-keel temperament and possess all of the amazingly friendly qualities you’d expect from such a lovable creature. Read on to discover how with our help here at Dream Valley Frenchies, you’ll beRead More

Alternative Healing Methods for Your Frenchie

Ensuring Your Frenchie is Healthy & Happy Health and happiness are what we all want in life, as does your french bulldog. In today’s day and age, there are many alternative healing methods available for both pets and humans. We’re going to explore the benefits of engaging in these methods to help your frenchie liveRead More