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How to Know if Your French Bulldog Loves You

French Bulldogs are goofy, funny and have so much personality. We forgot to mention they are big foodies too. They will do anything for a treat or piece of bacon. If you have a frenchie, you know what we mean! How do you know though if your frenchie really loves you or if they justRead More

Funny Names for French Bulldogs

Funny French Bulldog Names for Your Next Puppy Frenchies are funny, goofy and always have a silly personality. Why not choose a funny name for your next French Bulldog puppy! Our list of funny Frenchie names: 1. Agent Bones, This one is for the animal who is mad over bones and can find it fromRead More

8 Things You Need to Know About Merle French Bulldogs

Merle French Bulldogs are a beautiful sight and have been gaining popularity for their rare color and beauty. In this article, we will discuss how much merle French bulldogs cost, why merle French Bulldogs are so unique and considered rare and more about them overall. 1) Merles Have Exotic Coats & Eyes- Merles are knownRead More

Top 10 French Bulldog Christmas Gifts

Top 10 French Bulldog Gifts French bulldogs are affectionate, playful and love attention. Every pupper deserves a well stuffed stocking and a few presents under the tree. Your Frenchie will enjoy the gifts we selected for their Christmas surprise and might even enjoy unwrapping them! We hand selected each gift with Frenchies in mind. 10Read More

Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Frenchie

Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Frenchie Costumes for Your Frenchies Can Be a Whole Lot of Fun! We all want our Frenchies to have fun and be happy dogs. So what’s a great way to ensure this Halloween they’ll be able to express themselves and dress up with the rest of us? Halloween costumes! BelowRead More

What is the Behavior of a French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs Personality Traits & General Behavior French Bulldogs have many desirable traits that you want in a dog. They are loyal, affectionate, easygoing, playful, sociable, bright, alert and lively. Another great trait they have is their funny personalities, they will always make you smile! These are all reasons why we love Frenchies, they haveRead More

Our Guide: Boston Terrier vs French Bulldog

What’s the Difference between a Boston Terrier vs French Bulldog Find out which dog is better for you, French Bulldogs vs Boston Terriers with our handy guide. If you’re on the search between a French Bulldog and Boston Terrier but not sure which one is right for you or what the difference is between theRead More

Can Puppies Eat Eggs?

Are eggs good for your puppy or dog? Eggs are nutritious for your puppy or dog in small quantities. You can add eggs to your dog’s meal in moderation to add nutrients such as, eggs are rich sources of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper. We recommend fully cookingRead More

How Much Do Dog Groomers Make?

How much do Dog Groomers Make in a Year (Annual Salary) According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, dog groomers make a median salary of $11.42/hour. Groomers can earn around $17.91/hour after working for 2+ years. Salaries at the lower end of the spectrum are wages for dog bathers and student groomers who don’tRead More

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Second French Bulldog

Is it Better to Have Two French Bulldogs? The short answer, yes. There are many reasons to get a second dog or second French Bulldog for that matter. We are bias and think French Bulldogs are the best breeder ever and if you have a French Bulldog you probably agree. If you’re new to theRead More