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How to Potty Train a French Bulldog

Potty Training a Frenchie When potty training a french bulldog, it’s crucial you have patience, persistence, and politeness while addressing the various trials and tribulations you may encounter. Yes, the difficuly of training any animal to be “house-friendly” is a task some may dislike, yet it’s necessary to ensure cleanliness and a low-stress environment whenRead More

Our Guide: New Puppy Checklist

Your Ultimate New Puppy Checklist If you recently adopted a French bulldog or considering adopting a puppy, use our ultimate guide to prepare you for the best transition. From toys to our favorite food, we got you covered! A puppy crate– you want your puppy to feel at home with a good sized crate thatRead More

Our Guide: French Bulldog Colors and Color Patterns

French Bulldog Colors What colors do French bulldogs come in? One of the many reasons we are fond of Frenchies is the variety of colors and color patterns they come in. This is one of their unique characteristics as there are many colors to choose from. We don’t have a favorite color and we findRead More